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AT-802F : Initial Attack Firefighter.

All around the world, the Air Tractor AT-802F continues, season after season, to prove its value as an aerial firefighting asset without parallel.

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Effective and Economical.

The Air Tractor AT-802F is built for battling fires large and small—not only as an initial attack firefighter, but also for extended duties supporting ground crews. It combines agility, performance, high reliability, and pinpoint accuracy with a versatility that allows it to operate where other firefighting aircraft can’t.

A powerful Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67AG turbine engine allows the AT-802F to ferry between the fire and the airfield at speeds approaching 200 mph. Swift transit times coupled with the flexibility to operate from remote airstrips, dirt roads, or small airports near the fire, allow the AT-802F to make an impact on a fire very rapidly.

Once over the fire line, the AT-802F slows things down—dropping its payload low, slow, and right where it’s needed to knock down brush and grass fires or suppress fires in heavier canopies. The AT-802F’s maneuvering agility, speedy climb rates and compact size make it ideal for mountainous terrain, narrow flight corridors, and wildland-urban interface areas.

Air Tractor’s Gen II Fire Retardant Dispersal System (FRDS) is the industry’s most advanced and proven single engine air tanker fire gate. Click here to learn more about it, and see why it’s the industry’s preferred fire retardant delivery system.

Low operating cost, fuel efficiency, and extended operating range also make the AT-802F an ideal air asset for patrol duty—and immediate response—on days when wild fire risk is high.

And when fire season is over, the AT-802F is ready to go back to work – not back into the hanger. The same qualities that make the AT-802F a superior aerial fire fighter also make it perfectly suited for forest restoration in the wake of wildfires. Its 800-gallon capacity, speed and maneuverability help to make quick work of hydromulch application or reseeding for erosion control.

Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, the AT-802F is simply the most efficient, effective air tanker flying.

AT-802F Specifications

Engine Type: P&W PT6A-67AG
Engine SHP: 1,350 @ 1,700 RPM
Propeller: Hartzell HC-B5MA-3D/M11691NS
Take-off Weight: 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Landing Weight: 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Empty Weight with Spray Equipment: 7,210 lbs (3.270 kg)
Useful Load: 8,790 lbs (3.987 kg)
Hopper Capacity: 820 US gal (3.104 L)
Fuel Capacity: 254 US gal (961 L)
Wing Span: 59.2 ft (18,04 m)
Wing Area: 401 sq ft (37,29 m²)
Main Wheel Size: 32.0 in
Tail Wheel Size: 6.25 x 6

AT-802F Performance

Cruise Speed at 8,000 ft (2.438 m): 221 mph (192 kts)
Working Speed (Typical): 120-125 mph (104-108 kts)
Range - Economy Cruise at 8,000 ft (2.438 m): 800 mi (1.287 km)
Stall Speed - Flaps Up: 105 mph (91 kts) at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Stall Speed - Flaps Down: 91 mph (79 kts) at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Stall Speed ad Usually Landed: 69 mph (59 kts)
Rate of Climb: 850 fpm at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Take-off Distance: 2,000 ft at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)

AT-802F Dimensional Drawings

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