AT-802F Generation II Fire Retardant Dispersal System

The preferred SEAT contract fire gate is now better than ever.

Computer and hydraulic component advancements have paved the way for the second generation Air Tractor® AT-802F Fire Retardant Dispersal System. The Gen II FRDS takes those advances and builds upon them to deliver even greater performance, better reliability, easier operation and simpler maintenance. And with more than forty FRDS Gen II systems now in service, the new fire gate system has proven remarkably reliable, with demonstrated performance for thousands of firefighting flight hours in all conditions, all around the globe.

Download the AT-802F Brochure

Only the Air Tractor Gen II FRDS offers all of these advantages:

  • Unsurpassed precision coverage
  • Pilot friendly, “set it and forget it” drops
  • Simple onboard diagnostics with preflight go/no-go systems check
  • Ultra-reliable, severe-duty dual-head hydraulic pump and components throughout
  • Triple redundancy auto salvo systems
  • Microprocessor and electro-mechanical backup systems
  • Fully sealed digital side loader display
  • Switch from Constant Flow Rate mode to Constant Gate Angle mode as the situation requires.
  • Read-at-a-glance, bright fluorescent text/graphics cockpit display
  • Easier system maintenance, with “black box” or cable change out/swap program
  • Detailed diagnostic codes download to a PC for quick, easy troubleshooting
  • FAA, IAB, USFS and BLM approved
  • Backed by Air Tractor’s worldwide support network

The Gen II FRDS can also be retrofitted on AT-802F aircraft currently equipped with the original fire gate system.

Retrofit kits include controls, sensors, hydraulics, and all parts needed to upgrade. An ag gate adapter is included in each FRDS Gen II kit. It simplifies changing from the fire gate to an ag gate for off-season applications. The stainless steel C-channel adapter fits between the hopper and gate, providing ready access for removal of the firegate bolts.

In the cockpit, the FRDS Pilot Interface puts all system controls at your fingertips, with a large, easy-to-read display.

When approaching the fire line, pilots can quickly dial-in the coverage level, drop amount and ground speed. Then, with a press of the control stick trigger, the FRDS computer takes over – opening and closing the fire gate doors, and delivering a consistent, even drop. Find more information about the AT-802F Gen II Fire Retardant Dispersal System at the Trotter Controls FRDS Gen II web page.

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