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Air Tractor Continues Meeting The Demand

Air Tractor returns to Savannah at the close of a strong year of aircraft production and sales. Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch reports that despite the worldwide novel coronavirus pandemic, domestic and international demand for agricultural and firefighting aircraft...

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Abide Ag-Aero closes after 61 years

L-R, Tommy Lewis, Charlene Heafner and Harold Powers After decades serving ag operators and pilots in the Mississippi Delta, Harold Powers, Jr. will go into well-deserved retirement and shutter the business that he helped build since 1959. Air Tractor parts...

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Air Tractor AT-802F airtankers fought Australia bushfires

As the Aerial Firefighting North America 2020 Conference begins this week in Sacramento, California, international firefighting agency attendees will be assessing the damage, intensity and scale of Australia’s January bushfires. More than 15.6 million acres (6.3...

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Air Tractor Brings AT-402B To NAAA Ag Aviation Expo in Orlando

This week at the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) Ag Aviation Expo in Orlando, Florida, Air Tractor is displaying an AT-402B with some of the latest equipment updates for 2020 production models. Air Tractor dealer Farm Air, Inc. facilitated the sale...

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