Air Tractor Welcomes New Quality Control Manager

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Manuel Vijarro

Air Tractor, Inc. announced the recent addition of Manuel Vijarro as the company’s Director of Quality. He will lead Air Tractor’s quality assurance/quality control efforts encompassing raw materials and components sourcing, manufacturing and aircraft assembly processes.

“Manuel brings a high level of experience and expertise to our quality control programs. We are quite pleased to have him here,” said Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch. “He will continue our company-wide efforts to assure even better and more consistent aircraft quality, better production efficiency, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.”

Mr. Vijarro’s duties include the overall management of the quality control department, interfacing and communicating with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), along with responsibilities of the Quality Manger of the FAA Certified Repair Station at Air Tractor. Vijarro will also perform internal audits, supplier audits, and support external audits to support Air Tractor Quality Systems. The company’s objective is zero defects—maintaining Air Tractor’s quality standards while keeping aircraft production levels high.

Vijarro brings more than eight years of experience working as a Quality Inspector to the job. He has worked in the aviation industry for 21 years. Vijarro has FAA DMIR Aircraft Certification Experience under 14 CFR Part 21, 14 CFR Part 23, ASTM Standards, and supplemental certificates, as well as PMA products and parts conformity experience. Prior to joining Air Tractor, Vijarro worked for Cub Crafters Inc., providing support to the Director of Quality to ensure all company products met FAA regulations and/or ASTM standards and Cub Crafters own internally developed conformity, quality and compliance standards.

“I am pleased and excited to be here at Air Tractor. It’s the leader of its industry, and an employee-owned company with very high benchmarks for product quality and customer satisfaction,” Vijarro said. “Employees here at Air Tractor have a lot of pride in the work they do, and it shows in the finished airplane that rolls off the assembly line.”