Custom Painted Air Tractor Helmet Goes Up For Bids at Ag Aviation Expo Live Auction

Default Air Tractor Featured Image with AT logotype centered in the middle in a dark gray color on a lighter gray background.

Tuesday afternoon an Air Tractor custom painted helmet will go to the highest bidder at the NAAA Live Auction.

The HGU-55 Kevlar helmet comes equipped with Electret mic with wire boom, microphone mount round, active noise reduction, Lightspeed Zulu H-Mod with integrated Bluetooth for phone or music, quick disconnect cable, ending in a U-174 single plug. The helmet is painted in Air Tractor yellow and blue checkerboard pattern, with Air Tractor and NAAA Ag Aviation Expo logos. The helmet size is XL.

Gibson and Barnes personnel will be available to fit the helmet to the auction winner at booth 1214 during the Ag Aviation Expo trade show.