Air Tractor Launches Aerial Firefighting Website

Default Air Tractor Featured Image with AT logotype centered in the middle in a dark gray color on a lighter gray background. has the latest information about the Air Tractor AT-802F and initial attack tactics.

The Air Tractor AT-802F and amphibious 802F Fire Boss are proven tools in the fight against wildfires. Predominantly used for rapid and direct initial attack, these agile forward-attack single engine air tanker (SEAT) aircraft are among the most versatile and cost-effective tools in many  firefighting agencies’ toolkit.

Now, Air Tractor has launched a new aerial firefighting website: It features the AT-802F, 802F Fire Boss, as well as the latest insights and information about rapid response and initial attack tactics.

“Demand for these aircraft continues to grow as hotter, increasingly destructive wildfires become the norm. More than 350 AT-802F airplanes have been delivered and are working with great success across the globe,” said Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch. “As fire seasons have grown longer and more complex, more firefighting agencies are recognizing the value of the AT-802F for quick, cost-effective response to fire starts.”

The new website provides in-depth information about the AT-802F and is a resource for those looking at the aircraft, SEAT operations, as well as utilizing them more effectively in wildfire prevention and initial response approaches.

“The new website is a knowledge center sharing new ideas in the application and use of the AT-802F and 802F Fire Boss in a rapidly changing wildfire environment. We hope it can help firefighting agencies to evaluate if their current response is still the right response for these challenging times in the fight against wildfires,” Hirsch said.