Não é apenas um avião agrícola

É um Air Tractor®

Nossa tradição de qualidade, segurança para o piloto, inovação e suporte ao cliente voa junto com você sempre que você pilota um Air Tractor.

É tudo isso. Junto. Trabalhando para você.


Aeronaves construídas para desempenhar.



A segurança do piloto é a maior prioridade.



Sempre fazendo o melhor para você.



Peças. Serviço. Expertise.



Air Tractor News

Best Air Tractor Photo of 2020 Contest

Send us your best Air Tractor photos of 2020. You could win major bragging rights, and your photos could be featured in future Air Tractor promotions. The photos may show your aircraft on the ground or in the air. However, all photography must be taken safely and...

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Air Tractor Continues Meeting The Demand

Air Tractor returns to Savannah at the close of a strong year of aircraft production and sales. Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch reports that despite the worldwide novel coronavirus pandemic, domestic and international demand for agricultural and firefighting aircraft...

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Industry Buzz

Pilots Who’ve Taken The Route Less Traveled Are In Demand

Many of the most lucrative jobs in aviation are held by airline pilots, positions thought to be highly secure and in-demand just last year as a wave of older pilots retired. The pandemic has upended that assumption, for a few years at least. In its wake, anxiety and a search for alternative employment is pervasive among air transport pilots.

The Evolution Of Firefighting Mission Equipment

Aircraft capability has evolved from the early simple mechanical “pull the lever” designs, to today’s computer-controlled “drop by wire” firegate systems equipped with advanced telemetry and data gathering capability.

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