Não é apenas um avião agrícola

É um Air Tractor®

Nossa tradição de qualidade, segurança para o piloto, inovação e suporte ao cliente voa junto com você sempre que você pilota um Air Tractor.

É tudo isso. Junto. Trabalhando para você.


Aeronaves construídas para desempenhar.



A segurança do piloto é a maior prioridade.



Sempre fazendo o melhor para você.



Peças. Serviço. Expertise.



Air Tractor News

Milestone 4,000th Air Tractor Is A Bird Of A Different Color

Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch has been checking the numbers and anticipating this day’s arrival. The serial number of the 502XP sold to Mike Rivenbark of Morehead City, North Carolina differs only one digit from the previous Air Tractor. Yet another airplane in a...

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Air Tractor VP Finance retires after 31 years

David Ickert's legacy is Air Tractor's world-class financial team. After 31 years of service, Air Tractor Vice President of Finance David Ickert has retired. Ickert's contributions to the agricultural aircraft manufacturer's success range from creating a world-class...

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Best Air Tractor Photo of 2020 Contest

Send us your best Air Tractor photos of 2020. You could win major bragging rights, and your photos could be featured in future Air Tractor promotions. The photos may show your aircraft on the ground or in the air. However, all photography must be taken safely and...

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Industry Buzz

What does it take to be an aerial firefighting pilot?

Aerial firefighters are elite multitaskers who understand the terrain and the effects of weather in close proximity to the fires, learn to execute low-level flying techniques, and have a firm grasp of fire control strategies and tactics.

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