Não é apenas um avião agrícola

É um Air Tractor®

Nossa tradição de qualidade, segurança para o piloto, inovação e suporte ao cliente voa junto com você sempre que você pilota um Air Tractor.

É tudo isso. Junto. Trabalhando para você.


Aeronaves construídas para desempenhar.



A segurança do piloto é a maior prioridade.



Sempre fazendo o melhor para você.



Peças. Serviço. Expertise.



Air Tractor News

Five years flying with SwathPRO® yields optimal results.

It takes a lot to impress veteran ag pilot Lary Graf, but the innovative technology of the CapstanAG™ SwathPRO spray system may have just done that.  “They've solved my problems without creating new ones,” Graf says. Increased productivity, and application accuracy...

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Texas aerial applicator gives SwathPRO™ system a thumbs up.

Air Tractor pilots who have been flying with the recently STC-approved CapstanAG™ SwathPRO aerial application system say it has helped them achieve superior drift mitigation. Aerial application and crosswind compensation is controlled from the cockpit and optimized on...

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Industry Buzz

Conair Expands Pilot Training Capability

Conair Group Inc. announced the integration of three additional Flight Training Devices (FTDs) into its Mission Training System (MTS) platform, used to train aerial firefighting pilots in a simulated environment.

Electrified Clouds to Relieve Drought

In this National Weather Desk interview Dan Martin explains the process of cloud seeding with agricultural airplanes. It’s an exciting new approach to feed crops and fill reservoirs in drought-stricken regions.

Provider Profile: Dauntless Air

Dauntless is one of the leading US operators of the Air Tractor AT-802F Fire Boss amphibious water tanker – with a fleet of 15 of these fixed-wing aircraft. It was supported by a team of 27 pilots and around 20 ground crew members during the 2022 wildfire season.

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