Our most popular Air Tractor model, with more than 750 manufactured since 1987, the AT-502B has a big 500-gallon payload so you’ll make fewer trips out and back. Ideal for big loads or working at high elevations, the 502B is a workhorse.
The AT-602 is designed for operators needing more than 500 gallons, but less than the 800-gallon AT-802. It takes just one load to spray a 125-acre circle at 5 gallons per acre, and ferry times zip by with the powerful PT6A-60AG engine.
Bill Dare of Twin Eagles Aviation knows a good deal when he sees it: The AT-504 is a productive, effective turbine trainer. Bill's grandson Jake moved right into the turbine AT-504. Watch what Bill and Jake have to say about it.
40 Years
For the past four decades, three generation families of pilots and ag operators have been living remarkable stories that chronicle the history of agricultural aviation and the role Air Tractor played in their business growth.
Every Air Tractor aircraft has a 1-year or 500-hour airframe warranty + a 2-year or 1,000-hour warranty on major structural components. Deliveries in 2014 also have a 5-year or 2,500-hour extended warranty on all Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines.
The AT-802F is the most popular single engine air tanker in the world, with a reputation for rugged reliability and low altitude maneuverability. Now with an optional 1424 SHP PT6A-67F for even more responsive performance at high elevations.
With a payload of 9,500 lbs., the AT-802A offers more working capacity than any other ag plane. The 802A has it all: power, speed, payload and reliability. It's a combination of production and efficiency that can make a positive impact on your bottom line.
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Best Ag Plane for the Job, Large or Small

Air Tractor produces the world’s most extensive product line of ag aircraft,
with eight type-certified Air Tractor models in current production from which to choose.

Whether the job is spraying, seeding, fertilizing, or firefighting, more operators choose Air Tractor
because they get the most productive, highest quality and cost-effective ag planes available anywhere, at any price.
And operators know they can rely upon Air Tractor’s worldwide dealer network for service, parts and support.

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