Air Tractor AT-802A


The AT-802A is the world’s largest single-engine ag aircraft, and its popularity is legendary in high-production agriculture.

Productivity That’s Unmatched

With a payload of 9,249 lbs. (4.195 kg) and an 800-gallon hopper, the AT-802A stands alone. No other single-engine ag plane offers more working capacity. With its power, speed and payload; its long feature list and array of options, the AT-802A offers attractive new income opportunities for operators. You’ll work faster, stay longer over the field and complete more jobs in a single load. With the capacity to do the work of several smaller planes, the AT-802A provides a one-pilot operation with maximum productivity.

AT-802A Specifications

Engine Type:P&W PT6A-65AG
Engine SHP:1,295 @ 1,700 RPM
Propeller:Hartzell HC-B5MP-3F/M11276NS
Take-off Weight:16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Landing Weight:16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Empty Weight with Spray Equipment:6,751 lbs (3.062 kg)
Useful Load:9,249 lbs (4.195 kg)
Hopper Capacity:800 US gal (3.028 L)
Fuel Capacity:254 US gal (961 L)
Wing Span:59.2 ft (18,04 m)
Wing Area:401 sq ft (37,29 m²)
Main Wheel Size:11.00-12
Tail Wheel Size:17.5 x 6.25-6

AT-802A Performance

Cruise Speed at 8,000 ft (2.438 m):191 mph (166 kts)
Working Speed (Typical):130-160 mph (113-139 kts)
Range – Economy Cruise at 8,000 ft (2.438 m):610 mi (982 km)
Stall Speed – Flaps Up:107 mph (92 kts) at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Stall Speed – Flaps Down:91 mph (79 kts) at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Stall Speed as Usually Landed:63 mph (54 kts)
Rate of Climb:780 fpm at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)
Take-off Distance:2,000 ft at 16,000 lbs (7.257 kg)

Dimensional Drawings