Air Tractor AT-602

Big Time Efficiency

With the AT-602, you can do a thousand acres in the morning, save three loads over a smaller plane, and still have plenty of daylight for more jobs.

Outstanding Performance

Wide swath. Fast ferry times. Big payloads. It’s easy to see why the AT-602 is a hard-working favorite of ag operators. Its 630-gallon (2.385 L) hopper and 12,500 lb. (5.670 kg) gross weight make the AT-602 a logical next step with you need to turn your operation’s productivity up another profitable notch. It’s big, but in the pilot’s seat, you’ll find the AT-602 is surprisingly light on the controls, with a spacious and functional layout and a host of pilot comforts.

AT-602 Specifications

Engine Type:P&W PT6A-60AG
Engine SHP:1,050 @ 1,700 RPM
Propeller:Hartzell HC-B5MP-3C/M10876ANS
Take-off Weight:12,500 lbs (5.670 kg)
Landing Weight:12,000 lbs (5.443 kg)
Empty Weight with Spray Equipment:5,829 lbs (2.644 kg)
Useful Load:6,900 lbs (3.129 kg)
Hopper Capacity:630 US gal (2.385 L)
Fuel Capacity:216 US gal (817 L)
Wing Span:56 ft (17,06 m)
Wing Area:336 sq ft (31,24 m²)
Main Wheel Size:29.00 x 11-10
Tail Wheel Size:17.5 x 6.25-6

AT-602 Performance

Cruise Speed at 8,000 ft (2.438 m):182 mph (158 kts)
Working Speed (Typical):145 mph (126 kts)
Range – Economy Cruise at 8,000 ft (2.438 m):600 mi (966 km)
Stall Speed – Flaps Up:99 mph (86 kts) at 12,500 lbs (5.670 kg)
Stall Speed – Flaps Down:82 mph (71 kts) at 12,500 lbs (5.670 kg)
Stall Speed as Usually Landed:60 mph (52 kts)
Rate of Climb:650 fpm at 12,500 lbs (5.670 kg)
Take-off Distance:1,830 ft at 12,500 lbs (5.670 kg)

Dimensional Drawwings