Air Tractor Aircraft Technician Maintenance & Training Courses

Take your knowledge to the next level with AMT training courses for Air Tractor aircraft.

Air Tractor maintenance and training classes will cover a range of airframe and powerplant topics, ranging from basic a familiarization course to classes dealing with advanced airframe components and systems maintenance and repairs. Air Tractor factory instructors have packaged their expertise into maintenance training classes that meet or exceed worldwide regulatory requirements for the entire fleet of Air Tractor aircraft as well as supplemental systems and technology.

Classes are held at the Air Tractor headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Olney, Texas.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure students receive ample one-on-one instruction. Students will be able to observe Air Tractor aircraft in various stages of assembly. Most classes have hands on training.

Upon request, our instructors will provide onsite training at your facility.

Air Tractor Aircraft Familiarization Course

2024-2025 Class Schedule

This course is designed to familiarize maintenance technicians with Air Tractor airframe and powerplant systems. Classroom learning and some hands-on processes that are routinely performed on Air Tractor aircraft will be covered.

Free Tuition Redemption

Tuition will be waived if you or your company purchased a brand-new Air Tractor aircraft after January 1, 2021.

The free tuition is usually only good for a 24-month period, but since COVID prevented attendance for so long, we are extending those periods for some time. If you plan to attend via free tuition, you must upload the aircraft bill of sale and a letter on company letterhead stating that the student is the owner or direct employee of the company purchasing the aircraft when completing the registration process.

Questions? Want more information? Contact Brian Hahn, Air Tractor Director of Training and Education

Travel and Lodging Information

Olney is located approximately 150 miles northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and 45 miles south of Wichita Falls, Texas.

Air Travel

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is served by most major airlines.

Dallas Love Field is served by Southwest Airlines, but provides no flights to Wichita Falls. 

Wichita Falls Regional Airport (SPS) has daily service from DFW on American Eagle  (ENVOY AIR) Regional Airlines.

Olney Municipal Airport (KONY) is a 5-minute walk from Air Tractor headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Jet-A and Avgas fuel are available.

Car Rentals
All major car rental companies are at DFW and Dallas Love Field.

Transport To/From DFW Airport
Wichita Falls-based Executive Tranzport provides service to/from DFW and Wichita Falls. They also provide service from Wichita Falls to Olney.

Wichita Falls Car Rentals
Hertz, Avis, and Budget provide car rentals at the Wichita Falls Regional Airport.


Wichita Falls Lodging
Two Wichita Falls hotels offer Air Tractor discounted rates:

Graham, TX Lodging

Olney, TX Lodging

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training will I receive when I attend the Air Tractor maintenance familiarization course?

The familiarization course is designed as an introductory course for persons who may have limited maintenance experience on Air Tractor aircraft and are looking for basic training about Air Tractor publications, processes, structures, systems, powerplant and propeller operation.

What is the duration of the familiarization course?

4 class days, typically Monday through Thursday.

What are the scheduled class hours for each day of the familiarization course?

8:30AM – 4:00PM.

How often is the familiarization course offered each year?

Typically, 4-6 times per year—four times in the late fall/winter and once or twice midsummer. Check the course enrollment page for specific class dates. Additional class dates will be added if industry needs demand it.

How much is the familiarization course tuition fee?


Under what circumstances will the familiarization course tuition fee be waived?

Persons who have purchased a brand new Air Tractor aircraft anytime in 2019 may send two persons (the owner and/or direct employees) to the familiarization course for no charge within the first 24 months of aircraft ownership. Future purchasers of brand new Air Tractor aircraft will also be able to send two persons (the owner and/or direct employees) to the training class for no charge within the first 24 months of aircraft ownership.

Persons working for the FAA, ANAC, Transport Canada or other governmental regulatory agencies may also attend the training for free with prior permission from Air Tractor.

Contact Brian Hahn, Director of Training, directly for more information.

Do I have to possess FAA airframe and powerplant ratings or have special experiences and skills to attend the familiarization course?

The familiarization course is designed for those persons who maintain and repair the aircraft for safe and legal flight. While the majority of persons who do so have FAA ratings, they are not required. Owners, pilots and others are welcome to attend, but they should have at least a basic level of mechanical understanding and skill to fully benefit from the class.

What kinds of hands-on training will the student be able to receive during the familiarization course?

Production schedules will dictate the amount and kinds of hands-on training that is available for students.

Will students be able to tour the factory during the familiarization course?

Yes. Several tours will occur during the familiarization course.

What kind of lodging and dining options are available in Olney, TX?

Lodging and dining options are limited in Olney and many persons stay in Graham, TX (30-minute drive) or Wichita Falls, TX (45-minute drive) while attending the Air Tractor familiarization course.

Will Air Tractor provide this familiarization course at a customer’s location?

Yes. Contact Brian Hahn, Director of Training, directly for more information.

Training Instructor

Brian Hahn, Air Tractor Director of Training and Education

Brian Hahn received his FAA Airframe and Powerplant ratings in 1991 and worked at structural and airframe repair facilities. Beginning in 1994 Hahn served as an instructor in a FAA Part 147 AMTS (Aviation Maintenance Technician School) where he taught almost all of the 30+ courses in the curriculum. In 1997 he was promoted to Department Chair for the AMTS and remained in that position until 2018. He also received an FAA Inspection Authorization in 1995 and worked on behalf of the FAA as a DME (Designated Mechanic Examiner) between 2005 and 2018.

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