Agricultural Aircraft

Air Tractor AT-802A

High Production Profitability

The AT-802A is the world’s largest single-engine Ag aircraft, and its popularity is legendary in high-production agriculture.


Big Time Efficiency

With the AT-602, you can do a thousand acres in the morning, save three loads over a smaller plane, and still have plenty of daylight for more jobs.


A Trainer and a Breadwinner

Here is the recognized superior platform for both aerial application and instruction. It’s the modern turboprop trainer that pays its way every day.


More Power to You

We’ve taken 500-series aircraft to a new level. The 502XP rises above other 500-gallon aircraft in high/hot conditions. Take off with a full load: all day, every day.


World’s Most Popular Ag Plane

For many ag operators, the AT-502B is the ideal combination of payload and performance. It’s got every airframe and engine advantage to put you ahead at day’s end.


Move Up to a Turboprop

With the AT-402B, the goal was to combine turbine power with affordability. You get both and more. It’s quiet, powerful, and fun to fly, even at the end of a long day.

Firefighting Aircraft


Initial Attack Firefighter

Rapidly attack wildfires while they’re still small. Contain their spread. Reduce their heat until fire crews arrive to finish the job. That’s the primary role of the Air Tractor AT-802F.

AT-802F Fire Boss

Amphibious Scooper Air Tanker

When equipped with Wipaire amphibious floats, the 802F Fire Boss becomes a water scooper, able to land on and scoop water from nearby lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

Military Aircraft


SkyWarden™ ISR Strike Aircraft

The AT-802U multi-mission aircraft is a rugged, versatile solution for managing an array of evolving security environments. It provides a cost-effective platform with the most endurance and payload capacity in its class for military and civil security customers.