The New Air Tractor Brand Identity

Download the new Air Tractor brand assets for your own usage.

Files updated 2/25/19.

Brand Style Guide

The best place to get started is our brand style guide. This document walks you through the assets and provides useful instruction to ensure you use our brand in the best way possible.


The wordmark is Air Tractor’s primary visual brand asset. It delivers not only the name of the company but a sense of the stability and strength behind it. It is to be used on all internal and external facing communications.

Secondary Lettermark

In instances where visual space is limited (i.e., social media icons, small digital and print ads, internal name badges, etc.) it may be necessary to use Air Tractor’s secondary lettermark, which is simply the initials AT.

Brand Expression

The brand expression, or tag line, is Air Tractor’s singular, over-arching brand message. The brand expression is provided as a visual asset to provide a connection to the brand’s other graphic elements.

Legacy Logo

Going forward, the Air Tractor logotype will bethe primary Air Tractor identifier. The “solid-fillgreen triangle logo” will take on a new life as the secondary brand mark – paying homageto the heritage of Air Tractor. The solid-fillgreen triangle logo will be known as the “Legacy Logo.”

Full Logo Kit

Looking to use various Air Tractor brand assets? This packaged folder contains all available Logotype, Lettermark, Brand Expression, and Legacy Logo files.

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