FLY with Air Tractor

Purpose-built for the job, Air Tractor combines productivity and efficiency into the leading agricultural airplane.

With an Air Tractor, you end your workday feeling less fatigued, thanks to an aircraft design that’s light on the controls for all-day comfort. Back on the ground, you’ll benefit from the worldwide dealer network of experts ready to support you on all fronts. Tap into the strength and resources of the company that developed the modern ag plane and discover why more aerial applicators rely on Air Tractor aircraft than any other.

Meet Patrick Mertens

For Patrick Mertens, flying isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life—and always has been. As the second generation of Mertens running Aero Applicators in Colorado, he is building on his father’s legacy while future-proofing the operation. To Patrick, flying an Air Tractor aircraft is about choosing the best tool for the job, maximizing earning ability, and ensuring every minute in the air counts.

Explore why Air Tractor is the preferred choice of aerial applicators worldwide.