This week at the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) Ag Aviation Expo in Orlando, Florida, Air Tractor is displaying an AT-402B with some of the latest equipment updates for 2020 production models. Air Tractor dealer Farm Air, Inc. facilitated the sale to its new owner.

Serial number 402B-1428 was purchased by Jim Jones of Sutton, Nebraska. The airplane has been equipped with MVP-50T engine instrumentation, an Air Tractor custom avionics package, LED nose and position lights, and Air Tractor’s Sure-Lock tailwheel lock, which was introduced last year at the NAAA Ag Aviation Expo. The airplane has a 3” bottom load system, electric fan and brake, smoker, and the CapstanAg™ SwathPRO™ aerial spray control system.

Ag Aviation Expo trade show attendees can step onto a viewing stand to check out the airplane’s cockpit. The AT-402B is located adjacent to the Air Tractor booth.

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