Scott Delong of Farmers Cooperative in Dorchester, Nebraska, left, with Garrett Frost of Frost Flying upon delivery of Air Tractor AT-602-1308.

The partnership between Texas-based aircraft manufacturer Air Tractor and Pratt & Whitney dates back decades, and together the companies have achieved many milestones along the way.

Most recently, Air Tractor installed a PT6A-65AG engine into a new AT-602. The engine happens to be the 20,000th engine produced by the Pratt & Whitney Lethbridge, Alberta facility.

“What a milestone,” remarked Jim Hirsch, president of Air Tractor. “We couldn’t be more excited that this engine is powering an Air Tractor. The PT6 engines manufactured by Pratt & Whitney are legendary for their performance and reliability. Our companies both share a commitment to producing the very best products for our customers. We are looking forward to many more milestones to come.”

The new Air Tractor with the serial number AT-602-1308 went to Air Tractor dealer Frost Flying who, on April 9, delivered the airplane to its new owner, Scott Delong of Farmers Cooperative in Dorchester, Nebraska.

The popular AT-602 with its 630-gallon hopper capacity, wide swath width, and fast ferry times is a favorite among aerial applicators. To date, Air Tractor has built more than 300 AT-602 airplanes. They can be found working all around the world.

Pratt & Whitney engines are flown by more than 1,100 airlines and operations in 200 plus countries. The company’s long-standing commitment to innovation has made them a key player in the development of the Canadian aerospace industry. The company has introduced 100 new engines powering a variety of aircraft during the past 25 years.

Watch a video of the 20,000th Lethbridge-built Pratt & Whitney engine being started for the first time in Air Tractor AT-602-1308.

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