Anatomy of a Better-Built Airplane

The Air Tractor you fly today comes equipped with everything we’ve learned during the past 40 years. The airframe design, the materials, the components, our employee-owners’ craftsmanship—they all have one purpose: to make your job safer, easier and more productive.

Mouse around to see the features and benefits built into every Air Tractor.

  1. Cockpit structure designed to withstand tremendous outside forces while remaining intact to protect the pilot.
  2. Low maintenance, all-metal sealed elevators with boost tabs provide light control forces, excellent maneuverability.
  3. A structurally efficient airframe with reduced drag – excellent maneuverability; shorter landing and loaded takeoff distances.
  4. Fuselage frame is welded of heavy-wall chrome-moly tubing, which is known for its higher strength over low-carbon steel.
  5. Wing design results in excellent spray deposition.
  6. Hopper is vacuum formed for extra strength and light weight, surrounded by a rugged tubular structure.
  7. Low frontal area fuselage and clean lines reduce parasite drag.
  8. Fuel lines and electrical components are routed on opposite sides of the fuselage to decrease chance of electrical short sparking a fire.
  9. Heavy-duty spring steel landing gear struts are simple and reliable.
  10. Hoerner wing tips increases rate of climb and speed when loaded, using less horsepower and torque.
  11. Long fuselage aft of wing increases stability on the ground and in the air.
  12. Roomy, air-conditioned cockpit with excellent visibility.


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