Safety: Always First and Foremost.

Keeping Ag Pilots Safe is Our Top Priority.

From day one, Air Tractor has built aircraft that help pilots walk away from high-energy ground impacts. The aircraft’s legendary survivability is backed up by more than 50 years of aerial spraying and forest firefighting.

You can see it in the high-strength steel tube airframe and cockpit cage, the AmSafe® Inflatable Restraint System airbags, and spring steel landing gear on every aircraft we produce.

Simply put, no other ag aircraft manufacturer has done more for pilot safety and aircraft integrity than Air Tractor.

Air Tractor’s full-scale wing spar fatigue test program is another example of our commitment to continuous improvement of our aircraft.

While other aircraft manufacturers may offer theoretical wing spar life calculations, only Air Tractor substantiates its wing spar life with data from full-scale stress tests with g-force loads replicating actual aerial spraying operations.

This wing testing initiative is part of Air Tractor’s long-standing Safety System Triad™, a wing fatigue management program recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration as a model for the industry.


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