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Air Tractor Joins Aerial Firefighting Advocacy Group

Air Tractor, Inc. has joined the United Aerial Firefighting Association (UAFA), a new organization dedicated to advocating for aerial firefighting safety and standardization on the local, state, and federal levels. “Wildfire seasons have become more complex with...

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Five years flying with SwathPRO® yields optimal results.

It takes a lot to impress veteran ag pilot Lary Graf, but the innovative technology of the CapstanAG™ SwathPRO spray system may have just done that.  “They've solved my problems without creating new ones,” Graf says. Increased productivity, and application accuracy...

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Texas aerial applicator gives SwathPRO™ system a thumbs up.

Air Tractor pilots who have been flying with the recently STC-approved CapstanAG™ SwathPRO aerial application system say it has helped them achieve superior drift mitigation. Aerial application and crosswind compensation is controlled from the cockpit and optimized on...

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Air Tractor Celebrates Serial No.1,000 AT-802

Olney TX — Employee-owners of airplane manufacturer Air Tractor, Inc. and representatives from Pratt & Whitney Canada celebrated the 1,000th model AT-802. Air Tractor dealer Lane Aviation sold serial number 802A-1000 through its Brazil agent Aero Globo Aeronaves....

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Good Aircraft Maintenance is Good Business

The importance of aircraft maintenance and inspections cannot be overstated, says Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch. “Practically all machinery requires maintenance to ensure it operates properly,” observes Hirsch. And while they have an excellent reputation of...

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