Air Tractor is lately getting a lot of attention from show business folks. First Disney Studios, and now The Aviators, an award-winning weekly TV series featuring the coolest airplanes and aviation technology filmed a new episode at Air Tractor. Olney Texas weather was perfect for long a day of filming the AT-802F in all it’s water dropping glory.  The Aviators film crew and host Anthony Nalli got an up-close and behind the scenes look at the world’s most popular single engine air tanker in action, and got a tour of Plant 2A to see how it’s built.

“The crew were really excited and enthusiastic about Air Tractor and the 802F,” reports Air Tractor Communications Director Kristin Edwards. She says host Nalli was surprised and impressed by sophistication and engineering behind the FRDS fire gate.

Air Tractor test pilot Mike Rhodes put the 802F through its paces for The Aviators, demonstrating the airplane’s precision fire drop capabilities, targeting a plastic barrel for various coverage level loads as well as a big walloping salvo drop. See how Mike and the 802F performed!

Here’s a link to watch the Air Tractor episode.

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