A new 375-square-foot Avionics Shop has just begun operations inside Plant 1 at Air Tractor. According to Avionics Shop Supervisor Jimmy Williams, this facility makes it possible to provide Air Tractor customers a complete, installed and tested avionics package when their aircraft leaves the factory.

Until recently, Air Tractor’s aircraft avionics installations were limited to items on the aircraft type certificate. With more than a half-century of combined experience, Air Tractor’s avionics team can now provide customers with “factory installation” of upper panels, wiring assemblies and the latest avionics.

Jerrod Mullens, foreground; Tim Coufal, right; James Bryant, left.

Jerrod Mullens, foreground; Tim Coufal, right; James Bryant, left.

Instruments, gauges, and lighting are installed into upper panels by Jerrod Mullens, an electrical/electronics technician with 16 years of experience and 7½ years with Air Tractor.

Wiring assemblies for connecting anything electric or electronic on the aircraft, including analog gauges or digital instrumentation such as the MVP-50 engine analyzer, are handled by electronics technician Tim Coufal. Tim has a decade of experience with Air Tractor.

Avionics installations of equipment from Garmin, King, and others are now handled by James Bryant. James started with Air Tractor in January and brings with him 15 years of general aviation experience in avionics installations and bench repair.

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