Air Tractor At Congresso SINDAG 2015, Brazil 

Latin America aerial applicators converged in June on Luis Eduardo Magalhães in western Bahia Brazil for Congresso SINDAG 2015. This city of 80,000, located in one of Brazil’s fastest growing agricultural regions, is a new venue for the convention. Attendees were presented with a static airplane display, exhibits by manufacturers, dealers and suppliers, a variety of breakout sessions, and presentations by industry leaders.

SINDAG entrance

According to SINDAG’s president, Nelson Antonio Paim, there is strong demand by Brazilian operators for aircraft and technology that reduces crop producer costs. He noted that the Brazil ag aircraft fleet has grown by one third during the past five years, according to records from the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority.

Air Tractor and Pratt & Whitney Canada used this opportunity to highlight their 40-year airframe/engine alliance and the advantages it provides to Latin American ag operators.

aeroglobo booth

Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch updated attendees on the latest developments at Air Tractor. “The information we presented was well received, and the operators that I visited with were keen to know more about precision aerial application and variable rate technology, recalls Hirsch. “They’re looking for aircraft that will handle the requirements of high yield farming and grow their business.”


To that end, two Air Tractor AT-502B aircraft were on static display outside the convention center. Inside at the Air Tractor exhibit, Finance Manager Phil Jeske and Financial Analyst Scott Neal and Hirsch partnered with Latin America Air Tractor dealer representatives to renew friendships, answer questions, and discuss business with attendees.


NZAAA/AAAA Aviation Leadership Summit 2015 – New Zealand

Taking an early leave from SINDAG, Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch left behind the heat and humidity of western Brazil for the cool, glacial lake environs NZAAA/AAAA 2015 Convention in Queenstown, New Zealand. His trans-Pacific flight arrived just in time for the special joint Australian and New Zealand aviation conference held to celebrate “100 years of aerial agricultural aviation.”


The gathering was the largest aviation event ever organized in New Zealand. Attendees came from across New Zealand, Australia, as well as from Asia and North America. Along with Hirsch, Field Air Managing Director Peter Mackay was there for visits with Air Tractor customers.

duncan402wings 011

Hirsch made a brief presentation to attendees about the latest Air Tractor developments; he emphasized Air Tractor’s continuing commitment to supporting Australasia ag operators.

At the awards banquet, the Leland Snow Innovator of the Year Award was presented to AAAA President David Boundy, manager of Super Air, a progressive aerial application service company operating in Australia and New Zealand.

“This recognizes the effort put in by all the Super Air staff, and I am honored to accept it on their behalf. The award will be displayed in a prominent position in the Super Air office,” said Boundy. “It is humbling to receive this award which is dedicated to the memory of such a gentlemen and innovator as Leland.”

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