L-R: Dave Frisch, Jim Hirsch, Dalton Hill and Natanael Vas

Canada’s new Air Tractor dealer recently hosted an open house. Dave Frisch, owner of Portage Aircraft Specialties in Manitoba had a big turnout for his event, including attendance by Air Tractor President Jim Hirsch and his wife Leatha, as well as Dalton Hill and Natanael Vas from Pratt & Whitney Canada.

During a lunch of ribs and chicken, Jim Hirsch welcomed Frisch and Portage Aircraft Specialties into the Air Tractor global dealer organization. He provided a brief history of Air Tractor and an overview of its aircraft lineup. Hirsch also highlighted recent developments at the Air Tractor factory and outlined current initiatives at the company. Hirsch also spoke of the benefits of the newest Air Tractor ag plane, the 502XP.

Dave Frisch followed with details of the ways that Portage Aircraft Specialties is expanding its facilities and operations, including expansion of its Air Tractor parts inventory and capabilities to offer premium shipping to customers. He explained his goal for providing aerial applicators across Canada a friendly and responsive new source for aircraft sales, maintenance and parts.

Dalton Hill and Natanael Vas presented information about the PT6A-140AG engine that powers the new 502XP. They also briefly spoke about the training courses offered Pratt & Whitney.

Reiss Wicklund was recognized with an Air Tractor Welding Certificate following his training at the Olney, Texas factory for Air Tractor airframe repairs.

Following lunch, attendees went outside to view flight demonstrations of the AT-502B and 502XP that highlighted the similarities and differences between the two 500-gallon payload aircraft. Also on display was an AT-504, the Air Tractor ag plane designed for transitioning pilots into turbine ag airplanes.

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