Student Tuition Assistance from Air Tractor

A college education assistance fund is available from Air Tractor for children of pilots who lost their lives in aerial application accidents involving Air Tractor® aircraft.

Air Tractor, Inc., and Air Tractor dealers have created the Student Outreach and Assistance Resource (SOAR) Fund as a way to help college-aspiring students reach their higher education goals that may not otherwise be possible without tuition assistance. The SOAR Fund is financed from the profit on sales of Air Tractor label G-246AT aviation replacement batteries.

The Air Tractor SOAR Fund provides US $1,000 – $2,000 per year (depending on number of applicants) toward tuition for qualifying students who are attending accredited universities, junior colleges, or post-secondary vocational-technical schools in the United States as well as for students studying outside of the U.S.

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